Seattle Socialites: The Launch

Believe it or not – the Seattle Socialites is so much more than an Instagram account. We are people who live, breathe, and love the city of Seattle and everything that makes it one of the greatest cities in the world. Beginning today, June 1st, we are thrilled to announce our new blog and have lots of exciting changes.


The first change? A makeover. Seattle Socialites aims to reach businesses, audiences, and clients from diverse backgrounds that make Seattle so unique. Our goals? To share our city, to eat great food, and to have a fun doing it. To represent our mission, we’ve developed a new logo that is clean, simplistic, and visually represents our goals as Seattle Socialites. The plane represents tourism and travel, the plate represents Seattle’s thriving foodie scene, and the anchor represents our ability to have a good time – rain or shine!

Keep an eye out for posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays with some surprise posts in between! Thanks so much for joining us, welcome to a new and exciting chapter!

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