Get Ferried Away

Whether you’re a native or transplant, chances are your job might cause a bit of stress. There’s no better way to blow off steam than getting away from the city and back to your roots. Hiking is always a great escape but don’t let the land make you forget about the sea!

 Spice up your summer by hopping on a ferry to a list of scenic (aka Instagram-worthy) islands and getaways.   Short (but sweet) routes include daily sailings to Vashon Island, South Worth, and Bainbridge Island that take less than 40 minutes each way.

If you’re looking to spend more time aboard one of the Washington State Ferries consider a trip to Bremerton, which will give you a solid hour of sailing and is conveniently located in Downtown Seattle. There are a lot of shops and restaurants located near the dock in Bremerton for those seeking a longer adventure.

One of the best parts of leaving Seattle is coming back! Have your phone charged and ready for SnapChats and Instagrams, depending on the weather. Spike your trip with wine and beer available on select trips and don’t forget put your phone away for a moment to fully take in all that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer. Happy sailing!

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