4 Ways to Enjoy the Heat Wave

With Seattle set to experience one of the hottest summers in years, you’ll want to have your survival tactics in place before more than 500,000 LGBT supporters begin flooding the city for the annual Pride celebrations. Here’s our top options to help you beat the heat!

1. Leave: Most of us live in Seattle on purpose. The low temperatures and amazing coffee are a part of the culture that binds us and keeps us going…literally. If you’ve got the vacation time and funds available, why not hop on a last minute plane or boat to somewhere a bit colder? Those tourists taking cruises to Alaska are certainly getting the last laugh this weekend. If you’re hoping to stay close to Pride celebrations, consider a enjoying a breeze-filled ferry ride instead.


2. Enjoy It: Maybe you’re a native that’s been waiting to get some Vitamin D or a transplant aching for a taste of warmer temperatures similar to your Californian hometown, either way there’s sure to be a few Seattlites getting more than their fair share of sunbathing action. Our favorite is Green Lake thanks to the endless green grass and top notch people watching.

3. Get it Iced: Your barista might have a minor heart attack, but after you finish spitting out your daily coffee order be sure to ask for it iced to get a cold break in the sweltering heat. Espresso Vivace has an incredible macchiato but feel free to stay closer to home if you’re hoping to avoid the massive crowd in town for Pride Weekend.

4. Wait it out: Let’s get real, the Space Needle has secured its spot as the gem of Seattle. The view of the Needle is boosted to maximum beauty when the sun sets, allowing the skyline to be lit up like the Emerald City we all know and love. How will you beat the heat?

 PS, Happy Pride to all of our LBGT family, friends, and fans!

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