Vancouver Fashion Week | Day 2


The second day of Vancouver Fashion Week kicked off with a bang on Tuesday! The night was filled with regional designers, with six of the featured fashion lines presented by designers that work and sell their work in Vancouver, BC.

Local public officials also got in on the fashion action! Vancouver’s Deputy City Mayor Andrea Reimer joined the party and arrived dressed in Allison Wonderland, a local designer featured in this week’s events. Reimer made remarks discussing Vancouver Fashion week and illustrates the importance it has on the city by inspiring people to stay creative.


Vancouver-based designer Eliza Faulkner had the opportunity to be the first show of the night. The looks from the line including ready to wear pieces that were modern while still paying homage to feminine classic styles. The structured looks also gave much attention to the 70s with flowing styles that had wide sleeves with a contemporary touch.

Alli_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Pillar_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Next was another local, Allison Wonderland, who also featured a second line named Pillar.

Aniimiism_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Following Pillar was another of British Colombia’s own- designer Aniimiism.

The organisation supports local designers in British Colombia, many of which were showcasing on tonight’s runway. Katya explained the drive behind the campaign for buying local is to keep local designers succeeding. For more information on the organisation and for BC local designers and retailers can be found on

TKC_Seattle Socialites_VFW

TKC Design Inc was a burst of colour and culture from the word go. The show saw deep purples, pinks blues and golds come together for a truly inspiring collection.

Connally McDougall_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Grandi_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Next was Connally McDougall’s, a huge star of the evening and Atellier Grandi with evening wear.

Sofia_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Next was locally-based designer Sofia, who brought a fresh and feminine vibe to the evening. Following Sofia was Canella Hostal Couture, who brought endless eye candy filled with dynamic colors and textures.

MXN_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Zorana_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Maaji_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Next was MXN followed by Zorana Janjics, Maaji and Matt Hui.

MXN_Seattle Socialites_VFW Viviano_Seattle Socialites_VFW

Vivano Sue, a Japanese designer based in Tokyo, had the honor of final show for the night. The debut was fantastic and was an incredible way to close out the night. Stay tuned for updates and follow us on Instagram at @SeattleSocialites for live updates!

Photo Credit: Vancouver Fashion Week

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