5 Myths About Living in Seattle


Image: Vimeo
Image: Vimeo

Everyone Gets Their Clothes from Thrift Shops: Seattleites love a good come-up or two, but that doesn’t mean we’re all banging on Goodwill’s door after payday with 20 dollars in our pocket. The fashion scene in Seattle has a strong history, serving as home to the flag ship location for luxury retailer Nordstrom and ushering in sought-after international brands including Uniqlo, located in nearby Bellevue byway of Japan.

We Only Drink Starbucks: While Seattle will always be the home of international coffee-giant Starbucks, there’s plenty of grassroots coffee shops that consistently win our love and devotion. With the permanently long line at 1912 Pike Street, locals tend to enjoy smaller and quieter cafes for their caffeine fix. Just a few steps away from Pike Place Market is Storyville Coffee Company, nestled in the Old Market Building and filled with charm. Seattle Coffee Works, just one block north of the market, provides a quiet space with great coffee and the optional covered outdoor seating perfect for any time of year.HelioTop_Seattle SocialitesIt’s Always Raining: Words cannot describe how inaccurate this myth is. There’s plenty of places within the United State and around the world that get more rain than Seattle experiences during the wettest days. A few select friends scoff at the idea of wearing sunscreen “even when the sun isn’t out,” however sunscreen use remains important – if not necessary in any weather. We recommend Heliotop™ 360 Sunscreen with SPF 50+, it has antioxidant benefits and is a perfect pre-makeup primer. Trust us, use sunscreen; whether you’re 13 or 30, you’ve already started aging.

We All Work in Tech: This can be verified by the fact that less than five close friends are tech workers. Everyone else? Oh, they’re just busy paying their bills as public speakers, writers, personal stylists (see #1), artists and event planners just to name a few.

Rent is Cheap: Just, no. Sure, there’s places like New York and San Francisco where $1,000 gets you a small walk-in closet sized micro-studio. The fact is, rent ~used~ to be cheap in Seattle, but those were the good old days. The new days aren’t worse, they’re just slightly different, more technological and continue to paint the picture depicting the future of this gloriously unique city nestled in the heart of Cascadia.

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