5 Adele Songs + Wine Pairings

If you were one of the countless viewers tuned into the Grammy Awards last night, you know the Adele SLAYED her performance despite multiple audio malfunctions. We sang along to every word and we’re thrilled to see her give “Hello” a rest in exchange for “All I Ask.” It was reminiscent of her previous (and equally flawless) Grammy performances and we can only hope it means a new stream of Adele singles flowing through our radios. In honor of Adele blowing it out of the water, we’re giving you a deep look into her newest album (with the help of a glass of wine…or two).

  1. Send My Love To Your New Lover: Pop-ish? Sure. But the mature message (a la Taylor Swift if she had curves and a little more soul) tells us that the best way you can let an ex-lover know how terrible they really are is through catchy lyrics that go right for his soul in a way they can’t deny. Nothing is better than (sweet and non-direct) revenge. Pairs with: Cabernet Sauvignon. 
  2. I Miss You: Well, shit. Officially two glasses of wine in and we can tell you that this song resonates with your inner depths like no other. The first few seconds literally sounds like a heart beating, drawing emotions you didn’t even know you had. “I don’t forget about your shadow, it’s still there,” she sings. “Give me life,” she begs. We can’t do anything but ask for more. Pairs with: Merlot.
  3. When We Were Young: Yes, this is a single you’ve heard more than you’d like to. But at it’s core, this song is every person that has ever loved anyone and understood the pain (and relief) in letting someone go. Pairs with: Pinot Grigio.
  4. Water Under the Bridge: This is for every. single. ex. boyfriend. All of them. You know that feeling when you give your whole everything to a person and they chew you up and spit you out because they feel like it? This is that feeling, in song. Line that kills: “If I’m not the one for you, you gotta stop holding me the way you do.” The pain. The feels. More wine, please. Pairs with: Your Favorite Red Blend.
  5. River Lea: This is one of the songs that explains how you can be born a rat and die as a lion. Who you are is in your blood, whether it is a river you grew up by, an ocean or a volcano (that means you, Mt. Rainier). This song is essentially what would happen if Chrissy Teigen ever made a return visit to her sweet hometown of Snohomish, probably. Pairs with: Franzia, any flavor.

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