So Long, Long Beach: The Olympic Coast

I love the beach, any beach. It’s quite literally a part of who I am. Some of you might (or might not) know that before the days of Seattle Socialites, I served as Miss Seafair from July 2014 until July 2015. Let’s break that word down: SEA-fair. A literal fair (or celebration) of the sea and Seattle’s maritime history. So what could be a more perfect way to relax and revitalize than packing up my dog and dude for a roadtrip to Long Beach along the Olympic and Oregon coast? Answer: Not much.

While my days of waving in parades and spreading the Seafair message throughout the Puget Sound are over, I haven’t lost my love for the ocean. The sea. The beach. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve always loved the Olympic coast in particular because of the simple fact that the next major piece of land is Asia. How cool is that? IHMO, v cool.

The cozy town of Long Beach was the perfect place for a seaside getaway. It seemed to rain nearly every second we were there, and I didn’t mind one bit. Literally named for its Long Beach, people visit here from all around to enjoy the privilege of legally driving on a wide open beach. And our little tribe was no exception. We swerved around in our little compact car alongside a Prius (or two), 4×4 trucks and even a few horses. It was divine. We couldn’t help but recall the wise words of Doc Martin from Back to the Future, “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need…roads.” In this uniquely specific situation nestled on the Washington coast, Doc Martin couldn’t have been more accurate.

It was a far cry from riding on the back of a convertible and waving in a parade, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Sometimes in life all you need is the simplicity of sand in places it shouldn’t be. Or the joy of not caring how frizzy your unruly hair might get in coastal winds and wild rain.

So friends, in the case of mounting responsibilities and deadlines, work-life imbalance and everything in between – simply get yourself a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea. You’ll notice the difference within moments and your soul (and sanity) will be eternally grateful.


Jasmine-Goodwin-Seattle-Socialites AVIJasmine Goodwin is a blogger at Seattle Socialites and can be reached at She enjoys seafood, wine and taking selfies with her dog.

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