3 Ways to Spring Forward in Seattle

The clocks have sprung forward and Seattleites can officially rejoice the much needed arrival of spring. Chances are most of us in the Pacific Northwest haven’t seen the light (literally and figuratively) since we bid summer adieu in August. This week, we challenge you chance your perspective from “losing an hour” to “gaining the light.” Here are our top three tips to handling the big “spring forward” like a pro!

Seattle Socialites Spring Shore Projects

Go Green: It’s scientifically proven that exposure to nature can help boost your mood, so go out and get what Mother Nature gave you! Find a park, touch the leaves, smell the flowers, and take a moment to simply ~be~ with the light that greets you after a long winter.

Seattle Socialites Spring Shore Projects

Go Shopping: If you’re anything like me, you haven’t bothered to adjust your clocks since daylight savings time began in the fall. So consider this an opportunity to snag a fabulous new watch. British watch brand, Shore Projects, has over 500 customizable watches for you to choose from and they’re available at Nordstrom.com and at Nordstrom Alderwood in Lynnwood. The quality of these watches is amazing! I love my Portland watch paired with a black leather strap and can’t wait to change up the straps as the seasons change.

Seattle Socialites Spring Shore Projects

Go Outside: Perhaps the park isn’t your thing, but what about that coffee date with your old friend from college you’ve rescheduled more times than you can count? Make it happen! Considering the fact that we all “lost” an hour this week, you’ll be in good company for some much needed caffeine and conversation. Some lovely coffee shops with outdoor seating include Seattle Coffee Works and every other Starbucks (probably).

Yes, you’re tired – but in just a few easy steps you can give yourself boost to have you ready for spring in no time. How are you making the most of the end of daylight savings time? Let us know the comments!


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